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What’s the most common reason for a couple to come in for counseling?

Most couples fall into one of two camps: those who are still in love but are discouraged by how badly their relationship is going and those who question whether their marriage can be saved because they’ve lost hope.

Does couples counseling really work?

A study in the Journal of Marital Therapy reports that nearly 92% of couples seeking counseling felt satisfied with the help they received. It’s very important that you find someone who specializes in couples therapy and has the specific training needed to do this kind of work. Check out for more information on how to find a qualified, effective couples therapist.

How long does couples counseling last?

On average I see couples for 10-12 60 minute sessions; some are done in 2-3 sessions, others are with me for 20 or more. It just depends on how long these problems have existed for you and how motivated you both are to making changes.

What can I/we expect in couples therapy?

Most of the time I will be working with both of you in the room at the same time. There are times when I may schedule individual sessions with each of you if I think it will help you get movement in your marriage. I am direct and interactive (not a lot of silence or just nodding my head) and you will receive homework to do outside of the therapy office.

Can a marriage survive after infidelity?

While it may be hard to imagine getting beyond an affair, many couples do. It is a difficult, painful road. But if you are willing to hang in there, take a hard look at yourself and at your relationship, you will be able to make the changes necessary to build a stronger, healthier bond with one another.

As a woman, are you more sympathetic to the female in a relationship?

You might think this would be the case, but actually I’m more interested in helping both of you change the patterns in your behaviors than judging who has the “right” perspective. Many couples have given me the feedback that they both felt heard and understood, rather than blamed or “ganged-up on.”

Are you going to make us rehash old fights?

I will deal with the issues you bring into counseling by giving you new ways to interact with one another. That way you will have more solutions available to you in order to solve the problems in a way that works for both of you.

Does insurance cover marriage counseling?

If not, what does it cost? Insurance sometimes covers couples counseling if one of the partners has a mental health diagnosis like anxiety or depression. Just like your physical health, insurance only pays for what it deems is “medically necessary.“ You’ll have to check with your insurance plan to see if you have coverage if more than one person is seen. The advantage of using insurance is the cost factor. The disadvantage is that insurance will determine how much we can meet. Also, because I have to submit your health information to the insurance company for reimbursement, the information is no longer confidential. Therefore it could affect future insurance coverage that you apply for, like when you change jobs or purchase long-term healthcare.

Sessions range in cost from $125-200.

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